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Autumn Ate Everything

Experiments in Ableton Live and Minecraft

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I (Ramon Castillo) perform complex music with no pre-recorded tracks. Many performances feature highly automated looping made possible by an extensive array of programming. The system, built in Ableton Live, Max for Live, and Clyphx Pro can create layers and effects that a standard looping environment can’t.

The concepts and techniques were born from a series of experiments in 2011. 

I perform primarily on guitar, keyboard, and grid controller, but since late 2020, I have begun performing music on Minecraft in-game.

My compositional and creative career relies on Ableton Live, Max, and arrays of hardware. I have developed many live performance techniques involving custom software interfaces, DIY hardware, and high levels of automation including asymmetric loop triggers and audio quantization. 

I have composed music for PUBLIQuartet, Gamelan Galak Tika, Alea III, Ensemble Robot, The Loud Objects, and various other ensembles and festivals. I have performed with artists such as the Kronos Quartet, Signal Ensemble, Wu Man, Terry Riley and Gamelan Galak Tika. I formed and developed numerous projects for the Bleep Blop electroacoustic ensemble and Art of the Loop.

As full time faculty and Associate Chair of the music department at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, I teach musicianship, music business, composition,  and music technology. There, I direct the highly experimental Contemporary Electronic Ensemble. 


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email: AutumnAteEverything at gmail.